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There are lots of reliable property management companies in Encino that offer single family home management services. Make sure to choose a company with years of experience and good track record for adding value as well as improving lifestyles at each single family home community under their care.

Property Management Encino put the best team in place to adapt their full service property management solution to single family home needs, together with attentive and personal service. Through giving their business leading services with local touch as well as developing relationships with residents and Board members, they can assist your area or district obtain its objectives, now and in the coming years.

Property Management Encino company can leverage their combined buying skill to assist your association lessen its expenses for third party vendor service like waste management, cable as well as insurance. What is more, they also support your personal Board members, giving them with business leading training as well as the whole resources they want to efficiently fulfill their roles and functions.

They also provide every client the same first-rate attention to detail, from office and multifamily owners to single family home owners. The venture of single home rental provides an exceptional chance to showcase their concentration on the customer’s investment, and to make the best out of the bottom line of which investment with low management costs and cost-saving expenditure controls.

The Structure of Single Family Home Cost

The amount of new tenant placement cost is the same to one month lease. This amount is simply subtracted from your initial profit check, so that means no upfront expenses to you. Their monthly management cost is 7.9 percent of the monthly rate of rental with a 75 dollars minimum.

Included Property Management Services

Property Management Encino company will manage each aspect of single family home rental such as:

  • Property Marketing
  • Rent Collection
  • Tenant Placement
  • Maintenance Calls: Utilizing their own maintenance staff,  they give your home the best and appropriate treatment possible.

Other Services Offered

Financial management

Strategic planning

  • Physical asset analysis as well as preventive maintenance plans
  • Leadership Training
  • Business-leading training and specialized development
  • Workflow management processes and systems
  • Proprietary technology developments and innovations
  • Transitioning programs
  • Board member training
  • Leadership planning
  • Transitioning plans
  • Value-added services, which include combined buying power as well as negotiated vendor pricing
  • 24/7 Customer Care Center
  • Community Collection Services
  • Developer services


Property management Encino know the need to keep the property occupied, and use diverse ways to do so such as:

  • Lockboxes
  • Yard Signs
  • Property photos/details on their web site, and many primary rental websites.
  • All these are included in the regular fees.

Getting Started

It so easy to get started, call property management Encino now and they will assist you to start right away. Working closely with clients to meet their single family home objectives is one way why property management Encino strives to make a huge difference, for your community, as well as for the people who have selected to make it their home.


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