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Property Management Services in Northridge, CA: Residential & Commercial Real Estate Marketing, Tenant Screening, Property Maintenance & More


At Modern Property Management, we're a property management company that works hard to bring our Northridge customers 100% customer satisfaction. We have qualified and motivated agents that know exactly how to handle any situation. Understandably, managing commercial or residential properties can be overwhelming at times. Having a property management company that you can lean on can make all the difference.

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Make the Most Out of Your Investment

If you don't know how to market your rentals in Northridge properly, you could be losing money. With our property management services, marketing is included. We present an expert market analysis for every property we manage so you can maximize the return on your investment.

Our promise to each client is simple:
We will work hard to ensure that you are 100% satisfied.

Know Who's Renting Your Property With Our Tenant Screenings

We carry out thorough tenant screenings so that you won't be in the dark about who is renting your property in Northridge. With extensive background checks, credit checks, and criminal history checks, you can be sure your property is in good hands. With our applications and security deposit collections, you can feel at ease.

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Collect Your Rent the Easy Way

It's no surprise that many landlords have trouble collecting rent when it's due. With our property management services in Northridge, you never have to worry about getting paid on time. Our team collects the rent that is owed in a professional yet strict manner.

Our clients are excited about and devoted to our service offerings.

  • "Wanted to take the time and thank Modern for their excellent service to me and my properties. You've made my life much easier by completely taking over and handling everything from A to Z. I have referred you to my parents as well."

    - Steve B.

  • "I love working with Modern Property Management. Sue worked very quickly to find us the right renter for our property. If you're looking for the right property manager look no further."

    - Ara Z.

  • "Professional and efficient staff that work as a team! I've seen several properties and they have been consistently well-kept, inviting, and community oriented. Maintenance staff work quickly and thoroughly to solve and prevent issues."

    - Joy Holmes

  • "Highly recommend. I will definitely be using the services in the future. Overall a really great experience with them. Always kept me up to date and were quick getting back with me when I had questions or issues."

    - Belal Hossain

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Your Maintenance in Northridge, Taken Care of

Our primary job at Modern Property Management is to ensure all parties are satisfied. We not only conduct inspections upon tenant move-in and move-outs, but we make sure all maintenance issues are taken care of promptly. There are often maintenance requests and service agreements that need attention, and we make sure any complaints are resolved immediately; this includes local ordinance complaints in Northridge.

Financial Reporting Made Easy

As a commercial and residential property management company, we've found that our detailed financial reporting tools have been a great help for owners who want to keep better tabs on their investment. With one quick push of a button, you can easily log into your owner portal to quickly view statements and other pertinent information.

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Eliminate the Stress of Evicting Problematic Renters in Northridge

It's never easy to kick out a tenant who neglects to pay rent or wreaks havoc on your property. Our property management services let you skip the stress entirely and leave the job to Modern Property Management in Northridge. The eviction could be tossed out if you don't follow regulations, but we ensure all the legalities are met so you can evict a problematic tenant without the stress. We carry out the eviction process and re-rent your property in Northridge promptly.

Experienced Property Management in Northridge

Owning a commercial or residential in Northridge is stressful enough without having to deal with the day to day details. At Modern Property Management, we save you time and money by expertly taking care of the minutiae, freeing you up to think bigger when it comes to your investment. From marketing and tenant screening to property maintenance, rent collection, financial reporting, and eviction protection, our professionals create stress and conflict free renting.

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