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Property Maintenance in Los Angeles, CA: Residential & Commercial Property Repairs, Service Agreements & Complaint Resolution

Maintaining your Los Angeles property is a critical part of being a responsible renter. The Modern Property Management team conducts complete inspections upon move-in and move-outs, ensuring all maintenance issues are addressed, and your property is in peak condition. Whether you need repairs, inspections, or other services to comply with local Los Angeles ordinances, we provide the property maintenance measures you require. Further, we do all of this quickly, aiming for a resolution that works for all.

Property Maintenance Services for Los Angeles Landlords

Modern Property Management is experienced and skilled at providing the property maintenance both commercial and residential landlords need. When you stay on top of property maintenance, you help preserve the long term desirability value of your Los Angeles property. Additionally, regular maintenance inspections can prevent a tenant from making unauthorized changed to your facility.

Stay on Top of Service Agreements in Los Angeles

As the landlord or owner of a Los Angles property, you have a service agreement with your tenants to keep the building functional and free of violations. At Modern Property Management, we make sure you're living up to your part of the deal with tenants while also protecting your investment and various assets.

Skilled Complaint Resolution in Los Angeles

Sometimes even with service agreements and property maintenance measures, conflicts happen between landlords and tenants in Los Angeles. Our team provides proactive complaint resolution by keeping all parties involved informed, including the documentation of all complaints. We are proud to offer seamless complain resolution, ensuring all involved are treated fairly and legally in Los Angeles.

Experienced Property Management in Los Angeles, CA

Owning a commercial or residential in Los Angeles is stressful enough without having to deal with the day to day details. At Modern Property Management, we save you time and money by expertly taking care of the minutiae, freeing you up to think bigger when it comes to your investment. From marketing and tenant screening to property maintenance, rent collection, financial reporting, and eviction protection, our professionals create stress and conflict free renting.

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