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Landlord vs. Property Manager in Los Angeles: Who’s better to Deal With?


When looking for a great source of help to rent a home in LA, you can both depend on landlord and property manager. There are restrained but vital differences between these two professionals. And, you need to be aware before beginning your search.

When you opt to work with a landlord, you will basically rent from the owner. You can naturally expect differences in the character of numerous owners and thus, you’d also be amazed to see distinctions in the lease contract terms. In addition, you will see dissimilarities in terms and conditions associated to security deposit or rental deposit. The amount of rental can be way more or less than the rates of market. Commonly, occupants meet landlords while looking for a private home to rent. But in some cases, landlords own small apartments.

Property managers, on the other hand, are professionals working as intercessor between tenants and landlords. They carry out the whole responsibility on behalf of the landlord to rent out their property. They advertise properties, arrange the rent agreement, discuss with a number of tenants, screen and choose a tenant, collect the lease, and handle any maintenance requests from occupants. Property management Los Angeles only hires the qualified and professional property managers to handle the work very professionally.

The Difference between Landlords and Property Managers

As a tenant, you don’t need your property manager or landlord to become your friend. What you need to expect is a prompt and reliable service to handle repairs and other arising issues such as noisy neighbors, privacy respect, no hassles on security deposit return, clear and honest communication, and other rights.

Problems to be considered:

  1. An individual property-owner who is responsible for handling all the property management jobs may not be available at all times when you have a weekend plumbing emergency or when you lock out yourself in the middle of the night. What’s good thing about landlords is that, they can offer faster and more personal service especially if they live nearby your area. When you deal with property management Los Angeles, you can expect to get 24-hour service. This would be less hassle and problem on your part because you can contact a customer representative even during weekend.
  2. When it comes to handling maintenance and repairs, a professional property management Los Angeles can be more professional than landlords. When you deal with a landlord, you will be the one to call a plumbing service provider and spend much of your money.
  3. Cost is one important consideration when renting a property. Landlords and property managers try to provide a competitive lease rate. However, there are variances between them that might save you more money in the long run. Many landlords waive their rental fee, while property managers offer a standard application fee for all prospective tenants. Aside from that, property management Los Angeles frequently runs special deals.

Both landlords and property managers offer unique rental services. But if you want to save time and money, plus save yourself from hassles of leasing a home or apartment, property management Los Angeles is the best source you could have.

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