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Property Management Services in Encino, CA: Residential & Commercial Real Estate Marketing, Tenant Screening, Property Maintenance & More


Modern Property Management is the property management company you want when it comes to taking care of your rental properties in Encino. Everything from marketing, tenant screening, rent collection, eviction to much more are all part of our management services. With our commercial and residential property management, we make it easy to manage one or multiple Encino properties.

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Marketing Unmatched by the Competition

Unlike other property management companies, we take the importance of marketing seriously. By using strategic marketing techniques, we can upgrade your online listings. We showcase all the best elements of your property and the potential it has for possible tenants. With the photographers and videographers we partner with, you won't be disappointed with how your property is portrayed.

Our promise to each client is simple:
We will work hard to ensure that you are 100% satisfied.

Ensure Only the Best Tenants Are Left

Screening tenants can take time, and it may be time you don't have. Whether you're busy managing other aspects of your business or you simply don't want to burden yourself with the task, we can help. Modern Property Management is here to take the stress from your shoulders with our property management services in Encino.

We check credit score, criminal record, employer, income, and much more to narrow the selection down to just responsible and respectable tenants with our thorough tenant screening. We also follow the anti-discrimination laws throughout the entire screening process to eliminate you from any liability issues.

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Eliminate the Stress & Call Our Team for Rent Collection

Collecting rent, especially from unwilling tenants, is never a fun task. The situation can become uncomfortable and even unreasonable at times. With our property management company on your side, you don't have to worry about collecting rent ever again. Our property management services include rent collection, as well as professional delinquent solutions for problematic tenants.

Our clients are excited about and devoted to our service offerings.

  • "Wanted to take the time and thank Modern for their excellent service to me and my properties. You've made my life much easier by completely taking over and handling everything from A to Z. I have referred you to my parents as well."

    - Steve B.

  • "I love working with Modern Property Management. Sue worked very quickly to find us the right renter for our property. If you're looking for the right property manager look no further."

    - Ara Z.

  • "Professional and efficient staff that work as a team! I've seen several properties and they have been consistently well-kept, inviting, and community oriented. Maintenance staff work quickly and thoroughly to solve and prevent issues."

    - Joy Holmes

  • "Highly recommend. I will definitely be using the services in the future. Overall a really great experience with them. Always kept me up to date and were quick getting back with me when I had questions or issues."

    - Belal Hossain

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Don't Burden Yourself with Maintenance Tasks

Our team has the experience to properly maintain any maintenance tasks on your property in Encino. Whether you're looking for a move-in or move-out inspection, we ensure everything is up to par. We carry out service agreements, local ordinance complaints, and much more. For residential and commercial property management services in Encino you can trust, turn to our professionals.

Financial Reporting Made Easy

The struggle of managing finances when renting out various properties in Encino is often overlooked. It can be challenging to keep everything in check, such as who gave you rent this month, who gave you rent last month? When are my taxes on my Encino property due? We eliminate the stress by keeping all your finances in one place. By simply logging in to the owner portal, you can view statements and other financial information.

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Eviction Protection Without the Headache

Modern Property Management understands that it can be difficult finding the right way to evict a problematic tenant in Encino. With our commercial and residential property management, we don't want a delinquent tenant causing all sorts of havoc to you personally. If they owe rent, we give them the appropriate amount of time to right any breaches they have made in the lease. We take care of everything for you, which includes all the legalities as well.

Experienced Property Management in Encino

Owning a commercial or residential in Encino is stressful enough without having to deal with the day to day details. At Modern Property Management, we save you time and money by expertly taking care of the minutiae, freeing you up to think bigger when it comes to your investment. From marketing and tenant screening to property maintenance, rent collection, financial reporting, and eviction protection, our professionals create stress and conflict free renting.

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