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California Rental Laws: Laws for California Landlords and Tenants


Both tenants and landlords in Tarzana, Los Angeles are required to deal with legal problems and questions even without their lawyers once they have already understood the basics of the state law. Here is an overview of the landlord-tenants in California to help you get started.

  • Required Landlord Disclosures in California

Under the California Law, landlords re required to disclose specified information to their tenants such as electricity or gas in the tenant’s unit and other areas. This is usually in a form of rental agreement or lease. This also includes information about any toxic mold especially if the landlord knows that the property has high exposure to mold that can pose a threat to the health of tenants.

  • California Security Deposit Limit and Return

The state law of California limit how much landlords can charge for security deposit (2 month-rent), when it should be returned (within 21 days after the tenants move), and set other deposit restrictions.

  • Small Claims Lawsuits in California

Tenants have the right to sue their landlords in the small claims court in California. for the return of security deposits that can reach up to $10,000.

  • California Late Fees and Other Rent Rules

The state law is regulating many rent-related concerns such as bounced and late check fees, amount of notices that landlords must give their tenants to raise rent, and the time period (3 days) that tenants need to pay rent or move prior to eviction.

  • Tenant Rights to Withhold Rent

Tenants are also allowed to withhold rent, move out of the property without prior notice, sue landlords, call local or state health inspectors, or do “repair and deduct” once the landlord fails in taking care of repairs like broken heater.

  • Termination and Eviction Rules

The state laws emphasize how and when landlords can terminate tenancy. For instance, the landlords can give the tenant unconditional notice to give them 3 day for them to move out of the apartment before landlords file eviction.

There are other state landlord-tenant laws in California that are applicable to Tarzana such as”

  • Restrictions on the right of the landlord to access a rental property
  • Tenant protections from tenant retaliation for tenants to exercise legal rights like complaining about living conditions
  • Special protection for the tenants who are domestic violence victims.
  • Procedures on how landlords must manage the abandoned properties left by tenants

Local Ordinances that affect Landlords and Tenants in California

Countries and cities often implement local ordinances  such as health and safety, rent control rules, and nuisance and noise regulations as well as anti-discrimination rules. Many municipalities have their websites. You can search for Tarzana and then do your research when you are already on the site to see the local ordinances. Local offices such as the office of the mayor, city attorney, city manager, and local public library can also provide you with information regarding the local ordinances that can affect you as a landlord and your tenant in Tarzana, Los Angeles.

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